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Ocean Sailing Experience


The course addressed to those who already have a sailing experience and who want to try the ocean navigation in safety, on a fast racing boat.
The course provides a comprehensive safety and survival training.

Main Topics

  • Small Crew Sailing
  • Sails trimming
  • Night sailing
  • Basic use of autopilot, Ais, Radar, Epirb
  • Sleep management, eating, shifts
  • Safety on board
  • Emergency procedures


Having attended the course Ocean Training

Course Level: 1 of 3
Route: 400/500 nm
Toughness: 4/10

Boarding/Arrival: Lisbon (Portugal)
Duration: 4 days
Max number of attendees: 6
Trainer: Sergio Frattaruolo
Barca: Class 40 Calaluna
Languages: Italian, English, French


Full Price: 1200 €
Early Booking Price*: 1080€

*Early Booking Price is valid for bookings made at least 70 days prior to boarding.

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“I had the pleasure of attending the Ocean Training course in August 2016. Skipper Sergio’s expertise on safety, navigation planning, meteorology, sail manoeuvring and navigation brought me to the next level of knowledge regarding sailing. It’s a great way to have an immersive ocean experience in a completely safe way on board of a great class 40…believe me, nothing compared to any cruising boats most of us are used to sail.
So, if you’re even remotely curious or fascinated about ocean sailing, this is a great way to gain experience!”

Andrea Bacenetti, (Real Facebook review)

“Extreme sail academy is the professional way to learn how to sail, in every conditions, regarding at first security, electronics, meteo, sail regulation, in particular on asymmetrical sails. You can learn how to manage and prepare a 500 nm training in the North Atlantic Ocean. The director of the academy is Sergio Fattaruolo an Italian Sailor, very well prepared and trained, who has a natural skill for teaching. I suggest to try the courses in Lisbon on Calaluna to all adavanced sailors who want to improve thems selfs.”

Herman Errico, (Real Facebook Review)

“I have known Sergio two years ago.
Than, in last December, I attended the “Ocean Sailing Experience” couse.
I have no words to describe the atmosphere during my experience onboard.
Calaluna and her professional Skipper, Sergio, are both amazing.
It was the greatest experience of navigation of all my life.
The boat is one of the safest mean to cross all the oceans.
In adding, Lisbona is a fascinating location by the sea.
I must to retourn there, I must to retourn onboard!
As soon as possible i want to meet my friend Sergio Again.”

Stefano Liggio, (Real Facebook review)

After my experience with Sergio and Calaluna I would recommend the Sail Extreme Academy courses for all sailors wishing to approach the ocean and surfing safely on a beautiful boat with a great skipper without forgetting to enjoy the attractions of Lisbon! …. If you still have the strength!

Ahron Nicolussi, (Real Facebook review)
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